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Subject: Re: [DNA] Genealogy and DNA LIMITATIONS
Date: Thu, 03 Mar 2005 05:27:20 +0000

I don't disagree with anything you say Malcolm. I am not an appologist for FTDNA. They are going to have to come up with some reason to explain these surprising delays and hopefully provide us with a plan they are enacting that will rectify the difficulties - whatever they may be. To be frank I have been waiting just as long for some mutually agreeded upon specialized testing but am also in the dark as to when or if I will ever see the data. I guess that I have always had such a great rapport with all those associated with the company that I tend to reflexly leap to the defense of FTDNA.

David F.

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> David F says,
> "then the harsh realtity is that it is only FTDNA's "Haplogroup
> Database" that can offer assistance with predicting a haplogroup"
> That may be true but should be viewed in the light of it's limitations.
> This is what FTDNA say about my haplogroup -
> " I1a1 This line was derived within Viking / Scandinavian populations
> in northwest Europe and has since spread down into southern Europe where
> it is present at low frequencies."
> This is complete rubbish. My haplogroup is almost certainly Anglo-Saxon
> and after the last glacial maximum the I1a folk travelled north not
> south.
> Some Vikings travelled back south to the Ukraine but the strong
> likelihood is my direct male line ancestor was not a part of that
> population.
> The harsh reality is that the testee should have great patience. Paying
> for a haplogroup test in July 2004 and awaiting a result in March 2005
> is not the sort of assistance one usually expects.
> As David F is aware. In his recent posting he says,
> " > the conclusion on their own from the Ashkenazi work they were doing
> that this was the proper marker to use. I really don't know why Doug's
> results are taking so long. The work can be done in a few days.>
> July 2004 to March 2005 is not a few days.
> Malcolm Dodd
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