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Subject: Re: [DNA] Genealogy and DNA LIMITATIONS: Understanding exactly how tests reinfo
Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2005 11:50:15 EST

<How do you know this fellow is R1a? Has he been SNP tested with M17? As I
have indicated in previous <posts, in my opinion (and that of almost the
entire research community), SRY10831.2 is not a good marker in <testing around
the R1a region. It is like using M173 to test R1b as has been done in numerous
studies. The <unfounded assumption being that if you test M17 for R1a1,
then all the rest of the M173 samples must by R1b. <Only P25, and even better
M269 can be used otherwise haplogroups are confounded (e.g., Q and R1b) as has
<occurred in studies that continue to get published to this day (much to my
chagrin). One needs "clean" markers t<o separate out individuals into their
appropriate haplogroup categories.

<David F.


The man with DYS #390 at 22 is "estimated" R1a by FTDNA. I did suggest to
him that he consider a SNP test but he has not done so to my knowledge. I will
contact FTDNA today to try to get their insight into it. I was surprised
when this man's results were obtained and more so when they appeared so
unusual. I expected he would be R1b as other families of the name in his area.
Thanks for your input.


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