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Subject: Re: [DNA] "German" Surnames/Hightower.
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<>In England, the "high" in your "Hightower" name might refer to a split
township of a place with a name such as Tor, Taw, Tarn, etc, etc, with one
half on high ground and the other piece, at a short distance, on "lower"
<> There are many English family names containing "High" as in Highgate,
Highbridge, Highbury, etc.
<> My reference book on English place-names mentions places previously
called Towersey and Towerthorpe, and i vaguely recall seeing a placename
somewhere in England - High Towersley - but can't remember where, exactly.
Alan Foster.

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Subject: [DNA] "German" Surnames

> Hi all, I would like to ask Bernard a question about '' German'' surnames.
> Is there a tradition of family names given to people of local places? Such
> as mine, Hightower.
> When I've asked about it in the UK, they say the usual, "Somebody that
> lived near a high tower.'' But I have been told by some of these same
> that Hightower is NOT a English name.

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