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Date: Sat, 5 Mar 2005 16:00:08 -0700
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What do I tell my friend from France, Damour? Do you think he descends from
this ancient family?

How is your Amore pronounced? Is the "e" at the end a separate syllable?
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Subject: [DNA] William the C

> Doug and all,
> I had an English Genealogy Company tell me that my wife's Hamrick ancestor
> was a Viking ? Amore who went France in 903 with Thorofin Rollo, another
> Viking, and they lay Siege to Paris with others. Charles the Simple
> capitulated and awarded Thorofin Normandy and his daughter's hand in
> marriage thus making him Duke of Normandy. Later his descendant, William
> Duke of Normandy invaded England and became William the Conqueror in 1066.
> Some Amore became Hamrick's in three of the Kings Courts and listed in the
> Book of Life.
> Later than 1066 a William Amore was listed as William D'Amore in Tours,
> France. Another Amore went to Clare County, Ireland before 1200 and
> for a time lived in Bunratty Castle, Clare, Ireland.
> There was a Thomas Amory who owned Bunratty Castle for 15 years starting
> In 1617 and portraits of the Amory family are hanging in the Castle today.
> The LDS records the William D'Amore in Tours, France.
> I am working with the Hamrick/ Amore DNA from Clare Co, Ireland. I have
> found one Amore and D'Amore each in Clare history. I have no idea where
> search will take me or how many non paternal events occur. SNP says R1b.
> Thorofin Rollo should have the same DNA as William the Conqueror. He
> apparently had some descendants.
> FYI,
> J R
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