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From: "Charlotte Coats" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] DNA and First Nations Status
Date: Sun, 06 Mar 2005 11:03:00 -0800
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I do....and there is now a Federal Native American Civil Rights Act (that a
U.S. Federal Act) and many of the issues being discussed here in this area
will probably be determined in Federal Court under it...

Tribal enrollment is becoming an increasing problem between non rez Indians
and rez Indians whether or not you can prove Indian *Blood*....So Native
Americans are now using whether or not you live on a rez to determine
membership in some cases....

The individual does get *benefits* although not quite the same benefits as
Congress....:) and in most cases they are meager...but the Tribe also gets
federal funding based on *need* if the Tribal Membership is small, the
need is small....

Even some of the Cherokee in Oklahoma, who technically don't have a Rez are
starting to complain that those living off rez, i.e. outside of the Oklahoma
Indian Territory, have a say in Tribal affairs, i.e. can participate in
Tribal elections....although our numbers are added to the *need* of the
tribe for federal funding...most Indians living off the rez don't get any
benefits of tribal membership....but it is a connection to a culture that is
indeed unique and in time will be gone...

Coats DNA Project

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>>Related to tribal enrolement issues this is very complex and is not a
>>methdology easly addressable type of issue.
>>Do you understand that Indians themselves sometimes are denied tribal
>>and these individuals can proove direct blood kin relationships to
>>on the "rez"?
>>David Bowden
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