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Subject: Re: [DNA] Kim TallBear and David Bowden
Date: Sun, 6 Mar 2005 16:05:17 -0600
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You know if I go out and kill some one and they connect your dna and find it
at the scene and say I am of Indian blood no matter how much the gov't will
say kill that dam Indian so it just depends who doing the looking and
talking you are still Indian Thank you enuff said

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Subject: RE: [DNA] Kim TallBear and David Bowden


I'm just back on the list, after 14 months, and already getting the
feeling I'm testing some people's patience. But, we can't just let
inaccurate statements stand. I have cited the source for enrollment
requirements of the Eastern Cherokee in NC. The blood-quantum
requirements are not "could be"-they ARE 1/16 and 1/32, depending on
what date a member was admitted.

In my opinion, 1/211 "Cherokee" equals "non-Indian." If you want to
call this "Mixed Blood," you can call me "Mixed Blood," too. I didn't
say "just White." I said, "White."

You don't have to prove how Irish or German or English you are, because
the government has no payments to make to those people, based on their

If they're not "victims," then, for what reason is the government making
payments to Indian tribes?

DNA is, as you say, not the same thing as blood-quantum. It's a more
accurate indicator of the quantity of your American Indian genetic
inheritance. That is, supposing a perfect test could be devised.

Best wishes,

Ray Whritenour

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