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From: Jeff Couch <>
Subject: RE: [DNA] Re: GENEALOGY-DNA-D Digest V05 #227
Date: Tue, 08 Mar 2005 13:47:57 -0600
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In history there has been reports of peoples with Jewish descent coming to
the Americas. Now without much education in the matter, would you think
there might be a slight chance that some native Americans could be
descendants of your line thousands of years ago.

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Jeff Couch

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Subject: [DNA] Re: GENEALOGY-DNA-D Digest V05 #227

For what it's worth, I share the broad skepticism about the
reliability of the DNAPrint test that others here have expressed. The
test claimed my genes showed 4% Native American heritage, which seems
a bit odd given that my Ashkenazic Jewish ancestors all arrived in the
US within the past 80-150 years. :-)

(I know, I know, someone is going to claim that this is within the
margin of error for the test. But if the margin is routinely so
large, why make the test available at all?)

- Brooke Schreier Ganz
Los Angeles, CA

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