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From: "Martha" <>
Subject: RE: [DNA] DNA Direct
Date: Tue, 8 Mar 2005 15:52:03 -0600
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Thanks for your thoughtful answer.


"I didn't get my Dixie drawl
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From: Jim Lawson [mailto:]
Sent: Tuesday, March 08, 2005 11:18 AM
Subject: RE: [DNA] DNA Direct

Hello Martha and List, yes, I watched the segment and immediately
thought of the members of this list.
My thoughts are this, as an observer not a scientist, this science of
DNA is and will be an important part of our lives from now on. It is a
tool, not unlike so many others, that will be used for good or for evil.
Just as with nuclear science, it can heal or harm. It will be used
against humanity as much as we allow. The cat is out of the bag, to
borrow a phrase. The task before us now is to educate and legislate. If
there is any monetary gain or power in the use of DNA, and there is,
there will be those who will stop at nothing for their part.
If we are realistic, the use of the science of DNA in our lives, now and
for the future, will be a negotiated utilization in which we will both
win and lose. Some will lose more than others, depending on their
negotiating capital. It is inevitable that this new wine will be put in
old wine skins, and the results are predictable.


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From: Martha [mailto:]
Sent: Tuesday, March 08, 2005 8:47 AM
Subject: [DNA] DNA Direct

Was wondering if anyone saw this company's promotion
on one of the nationally syndicated morning shows today?
Is it opening a 'pandora's box' or is it going to be
potentially useful?

The medical community seems to be opposing it.

Thoughts anyone ?


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