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From: "Melissa" <>
Subject: Answers geared for newbies re surname projects?
Date: Tue, 8 Mar 2005 20:18:30 -0600

This is a pretty general plea for help. I'm participating via my father, in a surname project. I did the 37 marker 'test' at FTDNA. Very few people are in this group so far.

How should I look at a situation where I match 25 of 25 markers with someone with the same surname, in the same general area in the USA, but we can't come up with a MRCA? I can only get my line back to b.1789 in southern NJ and he has his back to closer to the early/mid 1700s in northern NJ/southern NY? Both of us have uploaded our numbers to ysearch.

Also, I match 36 out of 37 with another participant, but don't know which one is 'off' as he hasn't uploaded his data to ysearch. Again though, I'm still at a brick wall at my ancestor who was born in 1789, and his line can go back a bit further, with no known common ancestor. This second line is also in southern NJ.

Is there any way of finding out more information by testing more people that I know I share a common ancestor with, and the two individuals' lines above also having more participants that they know share a common ancestor? I had been under the opinion that only one person per proven line needed to join the project. But this would only show what lines are or are not related, right? I know this surname, SPRINGER, needs alot more participants, I've posted and emailed, and so far only 7 have results up on ysearch.

This seems alot more complicated than at first I thought it was.

Lastly, FTDNA offers only a 'suggestion' as to what haplogroup I belong to. Is this because I haven't paid for a separate test for this? What will the SNP test show that FTDNA's 'predicted' results don't? I'm sorry to be asking such newbie questions, but LOL you guys are all talking WAY over my head :)

melissa springer robards

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