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From: Jeff Couch <>
Subject: RE: [DNA] Issue of Posts from a Religious Background on List
Date: Wed, 09 Mar 2005 14:03:13 -0600
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Can someone point me to a site where I can find an appropriate list
of discussions for this list? I think we have an overkill on religion and
what is appropriate and not.

Jeff Couch

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From: ellen Levy [mailto:]
Sent: Wednesday, March 09, 2005 1:29 PM
Subject: Re: [DNA] Issue of Posts from a Religious Background on List


It is up to interested parties to request such a list
with Rootsweb. Also, it is up to our list
administrator to determine whether someone should be
prevented from posting to the List.

My thinking is that just because certain groups,
including religious groups,use genetic and DNA
evidence to support their contentions, doesn't
necessarily translate into those doctrines being
on-topic for this list. That decision rests with our
List Administrator, Ann.

If she says I can have a go at the Book of Mormon and
that their genetic theories are appropriate topics of
this List, then I would be more than happy to debate
such theories. If such religious adherents can truly
produce valid, DNA evidence to support their
contentions, not just some off-topic faith-based
belief system, then let's here it.

Ellen Coffman

--- Martha Bowes <> wrote:
> Might Rootsweb start a second list for those
> interested in genetic
> genealogy who come from a religious perspective, and
> specify this as
> the list for those from a scientific perspective? I
> don't know that
> it's fair to expel others from a list just because
> you don't like their
> view (I personally take a more scientific view,
> though I am light
> years from being a scientist), unless there are list
> rules on record
> that specifically prohibit posts from a religious
> perspective. If this
> is the main list for genetic genealogy, and they
> want to discuss it, of
> course they will come to this list. Is there
> anything *legitimate* to
> stop them from having their own religious-based
> threads that anyone can
> ignore? I don't consider not liking their view, or
> them holding a
> minority view, to be a legitimate reason to tell
> them to stifle
> themselves. But if there is a formal arrangement of
> two lists - one
> scientific and one religious - then it would be
> perfectly reasonable to
> suggest to someone that they are on the wrong list.
> I personally think
> that would be a good idea. Sorry I don't know about
> how list
> admin/rules works here, so maybe I'm barking up the
> wrong tree.
> Martha B., I1a from Ireland
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