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Subject: Re: [DNA] Pseudo-Science Example
Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2005 16:59:45 -0600
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Read "Guns, Germs, and Steel" and "Plagues and People" and tell me how the
native population of the Americas did not succumb to any of the horrible
diseases the Chinese would have carried. They certainly had plague after
plague in their own country and had no better understanding of the causes,
prevention or treatment for these illness than Europeans or anyone else.
Just better record keeping.

One of the things said to *prove* Chinese visitation is the existence of
Rhode Island chichens. This just about sums up the entire theory for me. But
you are welcome to your beliefs.

Janet Crain

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> What is the pseudo-science? Are you pointing to Gavin's claim that
> Chinese
> maritime ventures reached western hemisphere lands at all, or is it just
> his full-blown extravagant scenario of these Chinese mariners achievements
> that is "pseudo"? His imagination may have gotten carried away with his
> full scenario, but certainly the more modest hypotheses concerning where
> the
> Chinese fleet may have reached in the 1421 era are worth exploring
> scientifically. The great fleet did exist; it did reach all shores of the
> Indian Ocean; and the fact that the Chinese rulers purged their records
> the
> best they could concerning their maritime enterprises as they purposely
> destroyed their navy, adds value that someone has taken on this research.
> Ken
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> Subject: [DNA] Pseudo-Science Example
>> "With regard to public appearances, Gavin's critics at the American
>> Historical Association (AHA) and the World History Association joint
>> Convention in Washington DC were surprisingly ill-prepared for his new
>> evidence. This was coupled with the interview with Dr. Tony Frudakis
>> of Sarasota's DNAPrint Genomics, with whom we will attempt to date DNA
>> of native peoples, using linkage disequilibrium, to see whether they
>> have recent Chinese DNA, and thus silencing the critics forever. As a
>> result of Gavin's tour, 1421 is now a text book in American schools.
>> Other dramatic twists in the 1421 tale include the remnants of a
>> pre-Columbian Chinese civilisation in Boston. "
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