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From: "William C Scott" <>
Subject: Phenotypes
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2005 13:08:21 -0600

Hi Listers,
I've just been whacked in the face over the admonition that
phenotypes(physical appearance, etc) and y-str tests are not related.
This lack of correlation is usually pointed out by someone telling me
"brothers and sisters of the same parents do not always look alike".
What I'm not buying into (for my own agendas) is that two males that have
many, many characteristics in common .. including physical (height, weight,
hair color, etc), psychological (both tending to anxiety and elevated
resting heart rates and such characteristics) and talents (music, acting and
such) ... surely MUST have some common ancestry ... much like breeding of
horses, dogs, cattle, etc.
If this is not true ... can anyone help me out here. You long term
listers know I'm on the quest for the first branch of my family tree .. my
father and I thought I had found him .. based on pix my mother had retained
for 50+ years and conversations with his family (daughters,nephews, nieces
and wives) .. but the DNA came back as R!b (est by Whit Athey's calculator)
and I'm N3a* by SNP testing.
My website has the pix that put me in this tailspin ... anyone who can
take a moment to look at them and offer an opinion would be appreciated
I fear I've entered in the realm of "sophmorism" <again> on this subject
.. good scientists are not supposed to allow their judjement to become
clouded by emotions...but when you're looking for your father, it is hard to
divorce the two opions.
I will be putting the numeric results of the new participant on my
website in a few minutes..I just haven't gotten calmed down enough to take
care of it yet..sorry.
any help will be appreciated...tnx
Chris Scott

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