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Subject: Re: [DNA] Phenotypes
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2005 17:23:42 -0700
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Ann, Sorry I'm not a geneticist, and I just used the word "linkage" because
distributions of the different genes have their distribution frequencies
linked. I could think of no better word. But the point of my message was
not the choice of name for the underlying phenomena. I view the "package"
that all the genes are being carried on as the human. "Association" seems
too wimpy for what I am trying to convey about information conveyed about
one gene due to knowledge about another. Perhaps "correlation" could be
used, but some math professor will then chime in that that word is reserved
for some other specific meaning. Do you disagree with the underlying point?
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> > Those who make an extreme statement that phenotypes and y-str test
> > are not related mislead somewhat. There is this thing called "linkage".
> Geneticists reserve the word linkage for genes or markers found on the
> chromosome. It's sometimes used in a quantitative way: for the autosomes,
> markers which are located close together are more tightly linked than
markers which
> are far away, due to recombination. You'll find various ways of wording
> at Google if you use the search syntax
> define: linkage
> For more detail, here's a section in one of the online textbooks at
> It sounds like you are thinking of "association" rather than linkage.
> > It is sort of like the mis-statement that because different STRs mutate
> > independently you gather no information about the repeat values at one,
> > knowing the repeat values at another. You generally do gather
> > about liklihoods at one STR knowing other key STR repeat values.
> This is true linkage, because markers on the NRY (Non-Recombining Y)
> travel together as one package.
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