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From: "Phil Goff" <>
Subject: Chewing the DYS464 gum!
Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2005 20:22:39 -0500
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The Goff Surname DNA Study has received its fourth matching result today. By
way of background, there were four Goff brothers (James, John, Thomas and
Salathiel) who were born between 1735 and 1748. We have accumulated over
1400 pages of historical documents produced during their lifetimes, but have
never been able to determine their parents or where they came from prior to
1765 Loudoun Co., VA.

DYS464 is creating havoc in terms of triangulating the ancestral haplotype
of the father of the four Goff brothers. (Note to Charles: yes, I will
update the Goff entry in the mutation log). Please take a look at the
results at

Please let me know if the ancestral hapltype can be determined to be:

a) 12-14-15-15
b) 12-15-15-15
c) 12-14-14-15
d) something else I've not considered (please specify)
e) not enough data to make a determination

Unfortunately, the pending kit#29920 is only 12 markers. For now, I've
punted and defined the ancestral haplotype as 12-14/15-15-15.

Thomas Krahn noted earlier today "the Kittler method should be possible with
all duplicated markers including DYS464. The methods just must be developed.
If there is a genealogical benefit and people are interested in buying such
I could develop such methods....

"DYS464 is definitely a challenge. But it would be worth the effort, because
many misinterpretation issues could be resolved with it."

The above should give everyone something to chew on and may be the type of
scenario that would benefit from the "chewing gum" test.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Phil Goff
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