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From: "Eric Olson" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Re: : Jewish Genes and Jewish Genealogy
Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2005 13:32:02 -0800
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Then I take that as a no, since ethnicity is self-defined by factors other
than Y-DNA or MtDNA, such as country of birth, nationality, language,
parents birthplaces, skin color, race, religion, etc.

Am I wrong?


Ellen wrote:
> I would agree with your statement, with one exception:
> Jews can be defined not only by their religious and
> cultural traditions, but also by their ethnicity. In
> other words, Judaism has the unique characteristic of
> being not only a religion, but also an ethnicity.
> There are many Jews who do not practice Judaism as a
> religion, but define themselves as "Jewish" by virtue
> of their families ethnic heritage.
> The question posed is can you identify possible Jewish
> ancestry (ethnicity) through DNA results? You can,
> but only in limited instances.
> Ellen
> --- Eric Olson <> wrote:
> > Can Christianity, Jewry, Muslim, Hinduism, etc. be
> > defined by biology or genetic heritage? I trust and
> > hope not. These are religions or states of mind or
> > cultural traditions, not to be confused with nor
> > identified by DNA haplogroup typing. No?
> >
> > Eric

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