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Subject: Re: [DNA] Article in today's NY Times [race]
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2005 11:41:15 EST

In a message dated 03/14/05 7:52:57 AM Pacific Standard Time,

> The url worked fine but the having to "register" with the NYT stopped me.

Posting URLs can be problematic on RootsWeb, and there appears to be no
universal solution. It's a three-way deal: the sender's e-mail software formats
them in one fashion, RootsWeb converts them to plain text, and the receiver's
e-mail software reformats that back to its own style. Long URLs are especially
difficult, since RootsWeb will wrap them over more than one line, but generally
we can figure them out if we understand the usual format of a hyperlink. Just
to offer another route, I'll paste the URL again with AOL software.

I found this to be an interesting and thoughtful article, perhaps because I
agree with most of the sentiments <g>. Ken, I'm not sure why you are so
reluctant to use sites that require registration -- you could always get a free
e-mail account at Yahoo and use that if you're concerned about spam or whatever.
But you could always go out and buy a copy of the NY Times today, or check your
public library, or see if your public library has a subscription to a
full-text newspaper database (one-day delay).

In a bit of synchronicity, today's Ancestry Daily News had a passing comment
about a series called "Human, Study Thyself" in Discover Magazine, beginning
in the March issue. I haven't seen the full text yet, but from the subheading
in the table of contents, "In the first of a three-part Learning Series,
'Genes, Race, and Medicine,' an African American geneticist suggests that race has
no foundation in biology," it sounds like a counterpoint to the NY Times

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