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From: Charles <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Fw: Bridging connections.
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005 15:20:17 -0500
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How many markers tested in the persons A, B, & C haplotypes. You always
need to provide that information ... as a GD of 3 when only 12 markers
are tested is a significantly different issue that a GD of 3 with 37
markers tested. Also, I assume these people share the same or a similar
surname. Is that true?

If the GD's you give below are for a 12 marker test I doubt if upgrading
will yield a positive outcome. But if the results are for a 25 marker
test, and the people share the same or similar surname, then I would
recommend investing in upgrading to 37 markers to see if the GD closely
holds or diverges with more markers.


Chris wrote:
> I thought I would ask this question again:
> Using the Y-Comparison Utility for the Atkinson DNA Study I came across the following 3 results all based on 26 markers:
> A & B have a genetic distance of 3
> A & C have a genetic distance of 5
> B & C have a genetic distance of 4
> Is this too vague to imply a connection? Are the distances too far? Or is it an indicator of a confirmation of shared ancestors but at some distance in time with B a bridge between A & C. A & B being most recently connected. Based on the strength of this should one recommend upgrading markers?
> Help appreciated,
> Chris

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