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From: "William Hurst" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Usefulness of mtDNA Testing
Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2005 19:18:56 -0500
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David, what is it about this particular mtDNA that points to the Isle of Skye? I see there are six entries on mitosearch which only differ from yours on HVR1 by also having 16519C. One one of them lists an origin across the pond - Glasgow, Scotland. You did go through a testing company that tests for 16519C, didn't you? Not OA which doesn't, and also doesn't test for HVR2. If you really don't have 16519C, that would be rare for a K person.

Bill Hurst
K = 16224, 16311, 16320. Highest frequency yet observed in the Isle of Skye suggesting the "homeland" (yes, I know it could be a founder effect) where it radiated to adjacent areas of the Mainland (lower frequency), Ireland, Orkney, Iceland, and Scandinavia (lowest frequency - is it there due to the British slave "trade" or Vikings returning home with British brides?).

David F.

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