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Subject: Short term competitive deals in DNA analysis
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 02:32:04 EST

In a message dated 3/20/2005 8:49:33 P.M. Pacific Standard Time,

I agree with Ken that in terms of bang for the buck DNA Heritage is hard to

Until 3/31/2005, Biotix is offering their early bird special (50% off) on
all kits ordered. I wrote them initially about the 385(K) test, and then began
getting more details. Thomas Krahn confirmed for me that the following
pricing on their mtDNA and Y-DNA holds during this short period. Further
discounts of from 5% to 50% are available for batches of 5/10/40/100 samples, 10+ of
one surname, or from one region. Discounts are cumulative. That is, If I
have 100 samples, that's another 50%, and if 10 are one surname, that's
another 5% off, etc. The end result is that some of these tests could end up being
extremely inexpensive if one orders quickly.

1. mtDNA high resolution test
Normally 75.49+99.33+99.33 = $274.15 for DNA Isolation+HVR1 + HVR2.
The 50% early bird discount reduces that to $ 137.08.
Biotix is preparing to offer HVR3 as well.

To quote Thomas Krahn
Ann Turner has given a nice short review on HVR3.
It is essentially the rest of the D-loop region (bases 438-574). If you
have been tested with ftdna, most of your HVR3 should be sequenced
(exept for the last four bases). Our essay would test the region around
bases 370 to 650 aproximately.

2. Y-DNA

A 21 (26 really) marker test -- after the "early bird" is 75.49 + 66.22
+ 66.22 + 6.62 = 212.55/2 or $ 106.28. The marker set is slightly
different: DYS393, DYS390, DYS19, DYS391, DYS385a/b(unsorted), DYS388,
DYS439, DYS389-1/2, DYS 392, DYS458, DYS447, DYS437, DYS448, DYS449,
DYS464a/b/c/d, GATA H4, DYS456, DYS570, DYS438, DYS463, DYSGATA C4(635).
With the 385(K) test the cost is $123.10.
Additional markers can be ordered later. Other markers Biotix is
considering are DYS459 ($9.27), DYS 455 & 454 (5 Euro per marker), DYS460, 607, 576 (5
Euro), DYS 442 (5 Euro)and DYS 426 (no price set). YCAIIa/b (7 Euro or
$9.27) DYS643.

The combination of high res mtDNA and Y-DNA is $137.08 + 123.10, or $260.18.

I haven't stopped to figure it out yet, but the $123.10 combined with the
right markers from DNAH could put a participant pretty close to 48 or 49 markers
for about $270. THAT is hard to beat.

While my project consists of primarily FTDNA kits, and I still think that
overall, FTDNA has the best "total package" of flexible packaging, customer
service, technical advice, as a Project Administrator, I am aware that I have
some prospects who are TOTALLY "price sensitive." Telling them 25 markers is
the best starting point at $171 sometimes ends the discussion. Telling them
that for the next 10 days or so they can get 26 markers PLUS the newest test
on the market -- 385(K) ordinal test -- for $123.10 sounds much less painful
to them. Telling them they can test both their mtDNA and Y-DNA for $260.18 --
well, it's a chance to get folks into the project that I otherwise might

I'm pretty sure I will have a batch of at least 5 test orders, so I can tack
on another 10% discount. Getting even harder to resist.

Anne W. Nelson

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