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Subject: Re: [DNA] I Haplogroup Super Test from FTDNA
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 16:13:18 +0000

Alas Ken, I spoke to my partner this morning and for now we need to stick to the I SNPs you note below. There are simply too many question marks on the 2005 I part of the chart. We will play it safe and test the major ones until we can be sure that the others add truly meaningful information. At least people will have conclusive evidence as to which of Rootsi's major categories they fit into. I am as frustrated as anyone (perhaps more so) with this situation and can only work with what is out there. Jim has spent fruitless hour after fruitless hour looking for more R1b SNPs for example. Now due to funding constraints he must devote all his time to the huge medical screening project in Scotland (then we have permission to use the samples to test for high resY-STR data, SNPs galore, mtDNA and I guess even the X chromosome if we have any time or money left :-)

David F.

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> David, Needless to say, when I hear a super I test mentioned I'm all ears.
> From the list of SNPs you have in your product line 1 (basic custom tests?)
> you cover Sardinian/Iberian I1b2 with M26, old I1c a.k.a. I2 with M223, I1b
> with P37, I1a with M253, I1a4 with M227, and M170 for "I" in general. The
> rest of the question mark SNPs and the few others in the latest I-haplogroup
> tree are yet to be said by any lab that they are more than "private"
> singletons. This is especially strange about P41 which establishes an I1b1
> which has been on the tree for a few years. Has anyone ever seen or heard
> about an I1b1 haplotype other than seeing it mentioned on the tree? What
> does its haplotype look like?
> If you are going to offer a super "I" that goes beyond the listed SNPs I
> mentioned above with proven large or small populations of existing
> haplotypes in the world (beyond singletons), what would be added to such a
> super "I" test package? I'd really like to know if there are some proven
> lab populations for any new SNPs in haplgroup I which have not yet been
> announced to us public, because I have more than a handful of objective
> haplotype varieties within I1a, I1b, and I1c sitting here without any SNP
> designations. If there are some robust lab populations behind any new SNPs,
> a few of those haplotypes from such populations can be measured for 37 or 43
> STR markers and compared with some known population modal haplotypes --- and
> some real progress can be made.
> I have always wondered about the labs' actions on this. How many thousands
> of dollars (labor, primer, lab capital investiments) are spent finding a new
> SNP? Then they find one and you would think automatically they would spend
> their cost (probably under $100) to do a comprehensive (many marker) STR
> measurement of the haplotype.
> Ken
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> so I will ask my partner if we can offer the "complete" I package (we
> already have a basic one to be introduced in a couple of weeks),
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