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Subject: RE: [DNA] 37 to 43 Marker Test?
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 11:44:39 -0800
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I have tested my own direct paternal line as well as a maternal uncle (my maternal grandfather's line) with the full spectrum of markers from both FTDNA & Relative Genetics. As Ann has pointed out, this could be of particular importance for legacy lines, those which are about to disappear, which is the case for my maternal uncle, with only two living males carrying that haplotype. My uncle is 94 & has no children & my cousin is in his 50s without children. I have also tested myself to the same degree, just to make sure I don't miss anything. As Terry has pointed out the 11 markers unique to Sorenson are very stable, with only one mutation (so far) on those markers within my haplotype modal. I still prefer DNA Heritage for my surname project because of their pricing, flexibility & turnaround time. The last person tested for my project received his results *eight days* after the lab received the sample. Can anyone beat that?? With our haplotype modal now well established, we c!
an go back at our leisure & order FTDNA's conversion kit for their additional unique markers ($123 last time I checked). Testing through Sorenson as well as FTDNA also provides a more useful platform for using the SMGF database as well, allowing useful comparisons of any given haplotype within Ybase, Ysearch & SMGF. This mix has worked well for me. If I had to do it all over again, I would choose the basic cafeteria option at DNA Heritage (23 markers that you select for $137.50) & then order the FTDNA conversion for an additional $123 to get the 5 markers unique to FTDNA. Then if I had any close calls, I could later "reveal" any of the 11 unique Sorenson markers for $5.99/ea at my convenience. Pat Tagert

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