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From: "Ian & Mary Logan" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Question MtDNA haplogroup - Longevity
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 21:02:36 -0000
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Hello David

I think you will find this paper of interest as it tries to explain why mutations about '150'
might affect longevity.
A Combination of three common inherited mitochondrial DNA polymorphisms
promotes longevity in Finnish and Japanese subjects.
Niemi, et al. University of Oulu, Finland
European Journal of Human Genetics 13, 166-170 (2005).
OK. perhaps it is a bit of research that was published because the worker had done it, .... .

But what I really find poor is 'the matching of the subjects' or rather 'non-matching' - I think
all that was done was to look at the subjects ages and no account of the 'disease' or 'health' profile.
was taken at all.

So is there a link between longevity & Haplogroup J - personally I doubt it.


Both my mother in law (lived to be 104) and my greatgrandfather's sister (lived to be 100) were mtDNA haplogroup J. I
believe that there are some studies linking J to longevity. I did not know about HVR2. I guess it all boils down to
the efficiency of oxidative phosphoylation (Krebs Cycle) and how well the cells are then able to carry our their
metabolic functions. I would like to see some evidence as to the result of this supposed efficiency. Perhaps it allows
for the better emulsification (breaking up) of lipofuscin (age pigments in the cell).

David F.

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> But just one last word ...... Cindy is '150T' and this has been said to be
> associated with
> 'longevity' - so Cindy is lucky to have this, and also lucky having a rarity
> (198T).
> Any centenarians in your family, Cindy ?
> Comments anyone.
> Ian

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