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From: Charles <>
Subject: Splitting the List
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 11:44:40 -0500
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For the record, here is the "topic" description for this List provided
at See the "topic" line in this page at

I believe many traditional genealogists search at for a
List seeking help in using DNA for traditional genealogy. They find this
List topic. Or the find the List via an article by Megan in a genealogy
magazine or by reading Megan and Ann's book, etc.

The newbie reads that "topic" line and thinks ... this is the List for
me and subscribes. And like many people do, and probably should do, they
read the messages on the List for several days before posting. But in
our List case the topic most days lately and over the last year or so
has been mostly on population genetics, ancient tribes, and migrations
... and at times is very scientific and academic in nature. The actual
use of the List has drifted away over time from its "name" and "stated
topic". Thus I believe many newbies after lurking awhile simply move on
saying to themselves this List is not for me.

That is why I think a new List is needed for the discussion of deep
ancestry, population genetics, ancient tribes, and migrations and the
use of DNA testing for that. Call it DEEP-ANCESTRY-DNA or whatever. The
topic line for that List would indicate it is for the discussion of
using DNA testing to study deep ancestries, before the evolution of
surnames, etc.

Two lists offer more flexibility and focus so users can
zero in on a List which serves their needs. And it shares the workload
and provides focus for the potential two new List admins. Again the
purpose of this List started out to be (see topic line):

And all readers, newbies, lurkers, and whoever, please vote:

Charles Kerchner

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