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Subject: Re: [DNA] DNA from old stamps
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 12:59:33 EST

Dan, I was waiting for the wiser people to answer you, but they are all busy
voting. <g>
It is not possible to obtain Y-DNA from an old stamp as the Y-DNA dies with
the moisture, but it is possible to obtain mtDNA, though, it can be expensive
and is not guaranteed.

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I am trying to help a man who would like to get his Y- DNA tested to help
break down a brick wall. He has no male relatives that are male descendants
of the ancestor he is trying to tie to. He does have 30-40 old stamps that
were licked by an proven descendant of same ancestor . The dating of the
stamps and mail is abt. 1927. Could they be used for a test ?

Dan Jenkins

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