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Subject: Re: [DNA] list split
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 12:18:12 EST

I agree with the notion of keeping our List intact, and enjoying the able
services of Charles & Doug as co-adminstrators, assuming this is agreeable with
Doug & Charles, and assuming that Ann approves of this arrangement. We would
benefit from the continued synergy, and the adminstrative load would be

Mike ...

In a message dated 3/23/2005 9:13:15 AM Pacific Standard Time,
Charles, If your are asking for another vote, a.l.a. Florida, I think
splitting the list will be a profound mistake. I think you and Doug should
serve as co-administrators of the List after Ann leaves, assuming that is
fine with you two, of course.

Admin: FTDNA Humphrey project
Co-Admin: FTDNA Liles project
multi-family project:Humphrey, Liles, Morton

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