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Subject: co-administrators [was Re: [DNA] list split]
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 12:52:50 EST

In a message dated 03/23/05 9:19:16 AM Pacific Standard Time,

> I agree with the notion of keeping our List intact, and enjoying the able
> services of Charles &Doug as co-adminstrators, assuming this is agreeable
> with
> Doug &Charles, and assuming that Ann approves of this arrangement. We would
> benefit from the continued synergy, and the adminstrative load would be
> distributed.

As I interpret the messages, that doesn't seem to be the choice. Charles will
volunteer if and only if the focus of GENEALOGY-DNA is the recent time frame.
Doug will volunteer if and only if a new list is needed to take the overflow.

Both are free to off-load administrative duties if they can find volunteers,
but each one would need to "determine the guidelines" for his list.

Other people can still apply, of course. In my original message, I set a
cut-off of April 1st, and included a list of questions to answer.

Ann Turner - GENEALOGY-DNA List Administrator
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