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Subject: threaded discussions
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 06:51:48 EST

In a message dated 03/23/05 9:56:14 PM Pacific Standard Time,

> I, too, chafe at the clutter of listserv messages. To make the traffic
> more manageable, why not consider instead a shift to the
> indented-outline-like format of a threaded-discussion group (like
> USENET, Google Groups, etc.)? Participants who have specialized
> interests could then navigate efficiently down the specific discussion
> threads that interest them.

Threading is not an option for RootsWeb mailing lists, which deliver
individual e-mails to your mailbox as they come in (or as Digests, when a certain size
has been reached). However, there are some people who have stopped their
subscription and Browse the archives. The archives can be displayed in a threaded
or chronological view, one month at a time. The threads can't be collapsed, so
there is still a lot to view, but you can also display messages in reverse
chronological order to see the most recent posts. If you then click on a
message, you can see its position in the thread.

Ordinarily, a person must be subscribed in order to post a message, but it is
possible for the list admin to place an e-mail address on the "Accept" list.
Then a person can post from that address without being subscribed. It's not
possible to "reply" to a message in the archives, though, so you need to
copy-and-paste and address a brand-new message to the list.

Your post brings up the possibility of starting new groups at Google or
Yahoo, for example. There are many options for configuring a group, some not
available at RootsWeb, for example uploading a file. However, it's been my
observation that new groups tend to languish after an initial flurry of activity. It
might take a lot of outreach by the owner for the group to flourish, much like I
did in the early years of GENEALOGY-DNA. I still occasionally invite people
to join, or advise them of GENEALOGY-DNA when I see them struggling on a
surname list, where everyone is trying to learn about this new field at the same

Ann Turner - GENEALOGY-DNA List Administrator
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