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From: adam bradford <>
Subject: Mutations Possible from Alcohol Abuse?
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 10:40:17 -0500

The discussion on the possibility of heat affecting mutation rate
reminds of something I've been wary of asking at the risk of sounding
ridiculous, but I suppose now is the best opening:

Does anyone know of any studies, or even theories or plausibilities,
which would support the idea that alochol abuse could lead to
increased DNA mutation?

In our project there's a man from late 18th century North Carolina
whose aloholism is surprisingly documented thanks to an acrimonious
estate dispute. With that wonderful habit so typical of genealogists,
he's been affectionately dubbed "Drunken Thomas". It's possible one or
more of our participants may be descended from him - one in particular
who seems clearly related, but who has more than the expected number
of mutations for the amount of transmission events which would have
occurred from "Drunken Thomas". I don't plan on mentioning it in my
analysis, but I'd like to solicit educated or experienced opinions on
whether it might be a factor.

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