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From: "robert mclaren" <>
Subject: RE: [DNA] How significant is a 35/36 match with a person of another surname?
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 13:11:44 -0500

I would say that a 35/36 match is worth while following up on, even if the
surnames are different. This could be due to a nonpaternity event. Or one
or the other of the lines changed their surname for some reason. While
options (b) and (c) are also possible, I would rate them as lower at this


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> From: O. W. Odom <>
> To: <>
> Date: 3/24/2005 12:14:58 PM
> Subject: [DNA] How significant is a 35/36 match with a person of another
> I'm new to this list and to y-chromosome DNA testing so I'm hoping to get
> some opinions about the possible and probable causes of a 35/36 match
> a person of another surname. I recently got the results of my 37-marker
> test from Relative Genetics, which I had ordered as a participant in the
> Odom surname DNA project. I had a 25/25 match with 3 other participants
> a 36/37 match with a 4th, but nonmatches with many other Odom
> My haplotype (which I have entered at fits well with the
> consensus values for haplogroup I1a. My value at DYS385a,b (11,14),
> however, is very atypical of this haplogroup. In fact, using Gordon
> Hamilton's figures taken from the smgf database, fewer than 1% of I1a
> 11,14 at DYS385a,b.
> When I searched for matches at the closest match still had 11
> mismatches, but when I entered my haplotype at the site several
> closer matches turned up, 1 of which (24/25) was to another Odom (Odam)
> I had never heard of before. The closest match, however, (35/36) was to a
> Wheeler, with whom the only mismatch was at DYS385a,b discussed above,
> I don't know what his value at this locus was since smgf doesn't give out
> this information. The next closest match (32/36) was to another Wheeler.
> The 2 Wheelers had a 32/35 match with each other and possibly a 33/36
> since I don't know their values at DYS385a,b, except that both mismatched
> with me at this locus. All of my Odom matches have had 11,14 at DYS385a,b
> and the most recent possible common ancestor of these Odoms must have
> born before 1700. It does appear that my Odoms and several Wheelers lived
> in or near Northampton Co., NC, beginning about 1650.
> As I understand it, the possible explanations for this 35/36 match with
> another surname are (a) a nonpaternal event, (b) a common ancestor before
> surnames were adopted, (c) random converging mutations. Does anyone care
> speculate as to which of these is most likely in this case? Thank you in
> advance for any input.
> O. W. Odom
> Austin, Texas
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