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Subject: Re: [DNA] Re: [Beg-Int-DNA] Back mutations WAS How significant is 35/36 match
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 18:22:43 EST

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For example, is the value of 17 spread across many lines or just
one line?

Depends on how you define lines of descent. At present we have three
separate lines in the sense that each goes back to one ancestor. Our presumption is
that somewhere at or before the oldest of these known ancestors, they all
hook up. We are diligently looking for where these connections might occur.

What we have now are the following lines (oldest known ancestor)

New England line (18): Richard Webb (1611, Warwickshire, England - 1675,
Stamford, Fairfield, CT) (37 markers)
This is probably under-represented in our study. Another sample or two
might assist us, but so far we have been unable to recruit any more. Still
working on that.

Southern Lines (17):
1. Edward Webb (c 1718 - 1749, Essex Co., VA) (1 sample) (37 markers)
2. Elias Webb (c. 1790 GA? - 1850-60, GA?) (3 samples) (1 37, 2 25)
3. James Webb (c. 1837, KY - ?() 43 markers 32 in common with others)

Southern Line (16)
Two brothers born 1811 & 1818 in TN, parents unknown but presumably father
was born c. the birth of Elias Webb and current theory due to 24/25 match
between these two and Elias Webb, and a difference in the James Webb line that
neither of these has, is that these two brothers and Elias Webb are on the same
line until the mutation in this one marker, while James Webb is a different
line with only a mutation on DYS 449. Edward Webb has only a mutation on

James Webb and Richard Webb are 29/32 -- suggesting that the DYS449 mutation
occurred between 1611 and 1790, and AFTER 1718, IF Elias and James came from
Edward instead of from say a brother of Edward. One of the Elias Webb
samples is 37, as is Edward Webb, and they are 35/7.

I'm also working on trying to get some upgrades for these participants.

But the question of bias in the sample is very much a live issue.


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