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From: "Lauren M. Boyd, FSA Scot" <>
Subject: Suggestion: list discussion
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2005 08:27:36 -0800

Hello fellow listers:

With all the discussion re split offs and new lists, and being swamped
by mail if newbie, etc. it occurs to me there is a very simple way to
accomodate the different viewpoints.

If EVERYONE were diligent in paying attention to their subject lines, not
only making certain that the body of the current message is actually
reflected in the subject line, but also adding their subclass of what type of
message it is, perhaps we will have more satisfied and less confused listers.
We can better use our delete keys if we are more sure that we don't need
to read the message to see whats *really* in it.

For example a recent message had [Begin-Adv] in the subject line aside from
the topic of their message.

If there could be a standardized list developed of sub headings, and inserted
into the welcome message, of course evolving as the list and the subject
evolves, this might be helpful.

This would also allow for more auto-filtering of messages to folders,
including the
trash folder, by those that use that method for their email.

Perhaps this is something that could be discussed off list with Ann and
incorporated, then brought back to the list so all will know the outcome.
Might be that she would prefer someone else to be the gatherer of labels
and take on that additional mail load. I did not discuss this with her before
posting my "bright idea."

Yours Aye,


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