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Subject: Results for DYS643 & 463
Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2005 13:42:15 EST

Gang, I ordered the tests from Biotix last night during our discussion and
have, already, received the results: DYS643-12 & DYS463=22
on the latter, Thomas writes:
"We use the NIST and ISFG nomenclature and include the last two (AAGGA)
repeats in our counts. As far as I found out, DNA-Heritage and relative
Genetics report this marker two units shorter (maybe they consider the
last two AAGGA repeats as invariant). So, if you want to enter the
marker in you have to enter "20". uses the same nomenclature as biotix for this marker (choose
"Do not convert (use SMGF standard)" in the header of the web-interface)."

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