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From: Granuaile Lythande Flanagan <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Don't Split the List
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2005 6:59:55 -0500

Just my two cents but I agree. I have no scientific background and no scientific inclination, but I still try to glean what I can from all the discussions here. I admit that I probably click the majority to mark for deletion, but at least I have access to them. The one genealogical DNA list that I subscribed to outside this list wanted no serious discussion of science which I personally felt was a not very valuable, at least to me? How do you have non-technical discussions about DNA and genealogy, when that is the substance of it. Although I won't claim to understand all of the discussion, as a non-scientist who has always avoided math and hated statistics I still found the recent discussions of R1b haplotypes both interesting and useful. And if there are threads that don't interest me or are too far over my head, well, I can delete them.

Granuaile Lythande Flanagan

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---- AAF <> wrote:

I was hoping this had died down.My opinions are:
(i) In western-based societies, most organisations, charities, friendly
societies and governments cannot, legally, implement a constitutional change
unless there is at least a 2/3 vote in favour of the change. As i understand
it, the splitters are, so far, only about 1/3 of those who have voted.
(ii) If they can't raise the 2/3 vote needed to support their viewpoint,
then the splitters either have to accept the present regime, or go off and
make their own, separate arrangements.

Me? I support the present structure !

Alan Foster.

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