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From: Dennis West <>
Subject: LGM refuge (was Saami and Berbers )
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2005 14:33:53 -0500

I don't want to start a semantic war, but perhaps
our interpretation of "refuge" conjures the wrong
image. This may be a place where the local
population survived, rather than a point of migration.
Perhaps most Northern European populations did not
survive to reach a "refuge" during the LGM. If
encroaching cold and diminished food supply caused
migrations southward, there would have been many
conflicts for resources over an extended time. The
dimished food supply would have contributed to
population decline. If migrating populations reached
Iberia, there would probably be conflicts for resources
there as well. Who won? Apparently R1B, but were they
native or migrants? Or both.
Dennis West
>> This triggers a question which I recently thought
>> about; if the various LGM
>> "refuges" already had there own populations which we
>> can assume filled the
>> carrying capacity of the habitat, why would they let
>> in refugees from the
>> north as the LGM developed? Wouldn't that require a
>> change in the carrying
>> capacity of the regions, and is there any evidence
>> for that?

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