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From: "Lauren M. Boyd, FSA Scot" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] list adoption: one decision made -- one to go: additional thoughts
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 09:40:12 -0800
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Hi Ann, et al:

I am glad that the list will retain its current focus (also per RW rules!)
and have a natural evolution as we have enjoyed over the years since its
inception. This was the original DNA list at Rootsweb, and it remains
all encompassing. As the information re DNA increases, this list
to include discussion. The archives hold a wealth of information regarding
genetic genealogy.

As much as it may be tempting to begin a Newbie list, I suggest that
idea might be shelved. I know, I know... the list can be overwhelming
with traffic and technical details, etc.

The reason that I suggest it be shelved is that once created, the newbies
and those no longer newbie, may never venture to this eclectic list and
expand their horizons in a way they don't even realize occurs. With them
being present on this list, they can still ask their newbie questions
-- however,
they will have benefit of obtaining answers from folks that are at all levels of
experience and knowledge. Folks that may be disinclined to join a newbie
list -- as they have enough mail to read now and don't want duplicates, and
are a step or many above newbie.

Perhaps there could be a core group that would be sure to watch for
newbie messages so they don't fall through the cracks and go
unresponded to?

I suggest again, that a list of additional "prepends" be created in
order that those subscribed to the list can better filter their mail,
or discern the level of post or buried topic. All it takes is
perserverance on our part.

Thank you Ann, for all you have done for all of us in supporting and maintaining
this list since the beginning. Maybe with not having to read all the
bounce messages and do all the behind the scenes work that we admins
do, you will
have more time to participate and post. And <g> you will be able to
read only those messsages that are of interest to you, rather than
every single message.

It is highly unusual for an Admin to entertain the thoughts of the
subscribers when
managing or turning over a list. Lists are by their nature
"benevolent dictatorships."
They are not a democracy and there are no votes. The Admin sets the
rules [aside from the AUP and any additional that are handed down from

We have been priviledged and perhaps a bit spoiled to have Ann as our
Admin for so long on this very intense and informative and active
list. I look forward to seeing her choice to carry the torch and
uphold her managment style.



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