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Subject: Re: [DNA] Same mother, different brothers?
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 17:30:16 EST

In a message dated 3/29/2005 2:06:59 P.M. Pacific Standard Time,

He has a 36 marker match with another person of the
> same surname. Question we are
> dealing with is how to handle
> a situation which is almost certainly a case of
> incest --

Well this is a case of probably but not certainty.
1. Is he *sure* that she was a daughter and not just a
dau-in-law in the household? (i'm assuming it probably
is a daugh).
2. It is possible for it to be a cousin (even far
removed). Like my gggf brothers gggs. (wouldn't they
have the same y-dna?)(I know the poss of mutations but
we've seen some slow mutators :) - and I've seen
closer cousin marriage than I'd like (bleh).
Especially where the people didn't move much and it
was a small community. You can't really be sure that
is was incest rather than a distant cousin unless you
find a court record or police report or something.

In my vocabulary "almost certainly" is the same thing as "probably."
"Almost covers a lot of ground."

Yes, she was definitely a daughter. Limited other WEBBs in the vicinity,
and we are pursuing their relationship to the mother's household. I would
guess that if they are living in proximity to the mother, they would have been,
if related at all, closely related rather than distantly and been well aware
they were related.

Here again, I want to emphasize that in my personal view "incest" covers any
sexual congress among people who know they are related within the circle of
third cousins. Guess that's because I grew up in the South and didn't have
many 1st cousins (3), not many more 2nd cousins and knew all my cousins out to
about 5th cousin level and saw most of them regularly. I would have
considered a relationship among any of those with whom we had regular contact,
knowing we were related, as incestuous. Now, had we NOT known of the relationship,
anything beyond 1st cousins I wouldn't have so considered. My quirky little
definition, I realize, but to me there's something about it when you know
your relationship that would make it creepy to me (for myself), regardless of
marriage laws on the degree of relationship. I realize that 2nd and 3rd
cousins have often married, and I'm not saying I find their marriages "creepy." I
mean that any cousin of mine that I knew to be a cousin who had made
overtures would have creeped me out. I thought it was pretty odd my grandmother's
brother married my grandfather's first cousin! LOL no blood relationship at all
but I suppose I was thinking about the awkwardness if the marriage was
unhappy or failed.

Then there is the issue of how old she was when she conceived the child.
You don't EVEN want to hear what I think about it if she was under 16!


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