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Subject: Re: [Haplogroups-DNA] Diversity with lack of matches WAS Newbie J2 questions
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 12:52:22 EST

In a message dated 3/30/2005 8:40:49 A.M. Pacific Standard Time,

It's common, I believe, for people in J2 not to have any exact matches,
even at 12 markers.

I have twice mentioned -- without actually asking a question -- that what I
seem to be seeing in G2, O2, J2 and the other rarer haplogroups is an odd
pattern of 3-4 "clusters" of related haplotypes with a wide scattering of others
which are way different.

1. Is this just an artifact created by the biased sampling in the databases
we mine? or

2. Could this indicate perhaps, some small groups, (for example those who do
match at 12 markers but not beyond) who survived the LGM somewhere and the
"way different" ones reflect (a) isolated LGM survivors who perhaps refuged
elsewhere or were the only survivors of their attempted refuge -- "stragglers",
(b) J2s "adventurers" who made their way into Europe post-LGM and simply
haven't been extremely prolific/daughtered out/etc, (c) some combination of above.

Do we just not have enough data to know?


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