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Subject: list adoption -- final call
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 16:35:48 EST

Here's a copy of the message I just sent out to people who volunteered to
help in some capacity or other with GENEALOGY-DNA list administration. If I
missed anybody, it was not a reflection on your application -- it was because of my
poor filing techniques! I did try to move all such messages into one folder,
but with the volume of mail recently, I'm not 100% confident that I succeeded.

There may also be people on the mailing list who have not volunteered
already, but who would like to throw their names in the pot, at any level of the
questionnaire below. If so, feel free to write to me OFF-LIST, .


This message is going with blind carbon copies to everyone (I hope!) who
wrote to me expressing some degree of interest in adopting the GENEALOGY-DNA
mailing list, without splitting it (that is, excluding certain topics). I'd like to
confirm your current preferences, especially since the topic of
co-administrators came up on the mailing list. Please answer this mini-questionnaire. You
can assume that no one will be "forced" into a co-administrator position with
someone who is incompatible :)

Are you still interested in adopting the GENEALOGY-DNA mailing list?

a) yes -- I would prefer to be the sole administrator (although
I might need a temporary babysitter from time to time)

b) yes -- I would assume primary responsibility, but I would
prefer to have a co-administrator to divide or rotate the duties on a regular

c) yes -- I would prefer to have someone else assume primary
responsibility, but I am willing to be a co-administrator and help out on a
regular basis

d) yes -- no preference as to a), b), or c) above

e) no -- but you can put my name on a list of babysitters

f) no -- period

g) other -- please specify


Ann Turner - GENEALOGY-DNA List Administrator
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