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Subject: Re: [DNA] What you see is not what you get
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 23:28:00 EST

In a message dated 3/31/2005 9:48:01 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,

I googled "Relative Genetics" and on the right of screen saw an advert
titled "DNA Heritage". Thinking I could go to DNA Heritage and read their latest
rates and services I got ready to click on "DNA Heritage". But then I
looked down to the web address and it was HeritageDNA. Oh Oh! What's up now?
Sure enough when I clicked on "DNA Heritage" I got the FTDNA web page. Tacky!

Actually I find it as the tech or business guys just doing their job. Many
people/companies buy the domain names that are slightly different than their
own or their competitors name. That way you can still get the audience you
want if the searcher misspelled or reversed a word in the name. Sometimes you
can also do it in the hopes of catching someone going elsewhere.

Using google as an example - you can also get to by putting in
the following addresses:
I'm sure there are more. Google bought these names to capture any

But then there are other companies that bought the following very similar
These just happen to do with searching too.

I wish I would have thought about it earlier. I just bought (not for mischief). Treegene is still available.

Anyway, I suspect when most people use google, they look at the large list
on the left side where is at the top of the list, as opposed
to the few sponsored links on the right.

OK. Back to DNA.

Bill Davenport

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