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From: Charles <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] DYS463
Date: Sat, 02 Apr 2005 15:11:51 -0500
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It is not only about what is doing about marker DYS463. What
is doing about DYS463. And DYS463 is not the only marker with
nomenclature issues. H4 has it too. These nomenclature issues are a
problem for all public data bases. I've been "crying in the wilderness"
for years now about this. See link below.


David Wilson wrote:
> Charles,
> Yes, I had not distinguished the two Sorenson entities. Thank you for making
> me think about that.
> Based on your comments and Bob Stafford's, I went back to Ysearch and looked
> at the DSY463 values there now. Using a low-filtration marker set to capture
> as many R1b haplotypes as possible, I find that most people who have a value
> for 643 have posted it as 22. That is not surprising, since most people got
> it from DNAH, RG, or SG. I found only five Ysearch records (one of them
> mine) that reported the value 24. The higher value may be consistent with
> NIST practice, but is inconsistent with the majority of values entered for
> that locus.
> Based on this, I followed Bob's advice and edited my Ysearch record to show
> the value 22 at DYS463, though it made me cringe to do so. I put a note in
> the comment field. I am still considering whether it might be wiser just to
> leave DYS463 blank at Ysearch until they announce their policy for the
> marker .
> Pat Tagert has a couple of records at Ysearch that also show 24 at DYS463.
> As accuracy (however that is defined) is less important in this context than
> consistency, I would invite him to consider whether he also wants to take
> Bob's advice and enter the lower values for this marker.
> David Wilson
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> David,
> You are confusing the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation Project
> with the commercial testing lab Sorenson Genomics company. In my table
> and in my message I was reporting that the Sorenson Genomics commercial
> testing company, indicated with the code letter "G" in my tables, got a
> 22 for me. Sorenson Genomics does the testing for the Sorenson
> Foundation, DNAHeritage, and Relative Genetics. They apparently use a
> different nomenclature for their various different "customers" of their
> lab testing services. I imagine if I dig through the Sorenson Foundation
> project database online and find my test results therein for DYS463,
> that I will have a 24 in that "academic" non-commercial project
> database. So I could add that to the tables too. Thus I would have an
> allele of 22 with Sorenson Genomics, 24 with Biotix, and 24 with the
> Sorenson Foundation tests. Maybe I'll do that later today.
> So my tables are correct as now shown. 22 for Sorenson Genomics and 24
> for Biotix.
> Charles

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