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From: "Terry Barton" <>
Subject: RE: [DNA] Haplogroup E3a SNP P1+
Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2005 13:29:17 -0400
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Thanks to all who shared thoughts and info on E3a. This has helped me
considerably. I will recommend that this individual have the SNP analysis
done, as it may be that he isn't E3a anyway. I am hoping that his one 12/12
match will respond.

His one match is 12/12 and that individual is listed as E3a, with an unknown
origin. He also has a 3 step mutation to an E3a from Senegal and two 4 step
mutations, one to an E3a of unknown origin and the other to an O2 from

If anyone feels they have a pretty good handle on E3a, I hope that you'll
start an E3a webpage. If someone wants to compile what is known -
particularly outside of Africa, but doesn't have a website, I'll create a
page at World Families Network - and present it link along with the other
Haplogroup info. (Or maybe Dennis Garvey will supplement his informative
E3a page, which is focused specifically on the Africa heritage with more
info which can benefit those who don't have an obvious tie to Africa.)

Thanks again. Terry

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Subject: Re: [DNA] Haplogroup E3a SNP P1+

There were genetic exchanges between the Bantu of Central Africa and the
native West African populations. And we know there was admixture between
West Africans and North Africans. And we also know that there was admixture
between North Africans and Southern Europeans. It is not impossible, then,
that one would be fully European and yet carry traces of dna from a North
African who happen to have had a West African ancestor who happen to have
had a Bantu ancestor. I don't think anyone should be amazed to find such
things. We are learning, as we go along, that all of our ancestors got
around far more than we otherwise would have imagined.


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