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Subject: Lots of Baux, Vaux, de Vallibus, Vans, and Vance History Here
Date: Sat, 30 Apr 2005 19:50:22 -0500

family Vance (33bc - 1957ad)

the name "Vance"

Establishing the history of an ancient family is often best accomplished by tracing the name. Vance has progressed through history from Baux, Vaux, de Vallibus, Vans, and finally to Vance.

History and Genealogy of Vance Family in Ireland and Vans Family in Scotland
William Balbirnie
General Non-Fiction
Reprint of an 1860 Irish Genealogy. The surname Vance is not of Irish origin, yet like many other English or Scottish names it is commonly found in Ireland due to the migrations of past ages. Vance is of Norman origins, and was originally De Vaux. The Vaux and later Vans family, was prominent in Scotland from the 11th century.

The name was introduced to Ireland in the 16th century, and became established primarily in the northern counties.

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