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Subject: Re: [DNA] The Wonder of it all -- mtDNA [Y haplogroup]
Date: Sat, 14 May 2005 09:58:08 EDT

In a message dated 05/13/05 3:12:36 PM Pacific Daylight Time,

> A short time back FTDNA advised me that my mtDNA designation was
> changed from R1b to R1a1a. Which is nice, but what does it all mean?

That would be your Y-chromosome haplogroup, not your mtDNA haplogroup. As to
what it "means," FTDNA includes general descriptions about the origins of the
haplogroup. However, I'm a bit surprised that you went from R1b to R1a1a. Have
you uploaded your results to Ysearch? If so, please give us the record ID so
we can take a look at them.

I did report one case last year where R1a was changed to R1b. The results
were not close to the modal haplotype for either haplogroup, and I speculated
that the multi-copy marker DYS385a/b might have added to the difficulty in
guesstimating the haplogroup. This is a long URL which ends in +F

Ann Turner

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