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Subject: Re: [DNA] DAR, SAR, UELA and DNA
Date: Mon, 23 May 2005 08:55:55 -0400
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Sorry Anne if I misunderstood the context of your message. Not even sure
that it was your message.

I have a multitude of lines that I can't prove to their satisfaction because
generally someone else already proved the patriot and there is something
wrong in their proof. I like you don't have the time nor money to submit
these changes to them.

However, I do wish you and your cousin good luck with submitting your

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> Hi,
> Could someone out there tell me how DNA could be utilized for DAR
> purposes?
> Remember, these are females who are trying to prove their descent from a
> male (presumably) RWS or some who provided Patriotic Service.
> I don't believe that I said one word about Y-DNA being used for DAR. I
> was
> referring to mtDNA, primarily. When the wife of the Patriot can be
> established, and if her mtDNA can be established, then females descended
> from all
> female lineages should be able to use a combination of the traditional
> records
> plus mtDNA to document descent from the Patriot. Similarly, the sons of
> the
> Patriot have wives, whose mtDNA may be able to be established. If so,
> then the
> daughters of these sons with all female lines of descent should be able
> to
> establish their qualifications.
> I personally have no desire to join these societies as I have no children,
> they are expensive, and I haven't the time nor energy to commit to them.
> However, I think that those who DO would want to incorporate DNA
> signatures
> (Y-DNA AND mtDNA) for the lineages, wherever possible, simply to tighten
> the
> qualifications as much as possible.
> My final quarrel with DAR is that they refuse to consider an error in a
> record unless one joins and proves it. I have a specific case in which
> the
> descendants of a couple's daughter have been excluded because the person
> who
> joined DAR didn't know about the daughter. I can, with convincing
> genealogical
> data, prove the daughter's existence and her relationship to the Patriot.
> I
> also have her mtDNA and her father's Y-DNA. However, DAR doesn't allow
> me to
> submit this unless I join. And joining requires an outlay of cash I
> don't
> have for the documentation (on another line, obviously, as I descend from
> this
> unrecognized daughter). I find this policy to be absolute caca.
> However, I
> have a cousin who has finally joined (on yet another line), and together,
> we
> are trying to correct the records of this particular Patriot's family.
> With
> another 2-3 years work, we may at last be able to grant this Patriot's
> daughter's descendants recognition as DAR/SAR eligible. I just think
> it's ironic
> that the DAUGHTERS of the American Revolution have made it so difficult
> for the
> descendants of DAUGHTERS of Patriots to be included in their little club.
> Anne
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