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Subject: Re: [DNA] Biotix order --Next to last call
Date: Wed, 25 May 2005 10:21:10 -0700
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Subject: RE: [DNA] Biotix order --Next to last call

> Anne, where can we go to look at the various tests and costs?
> Terry
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> Dear List,
> Bonnie Schrack has been soliciting participants for a group order to
> Biotix.
> A substantial discount is avalable by going in as a group. Anne Nelson
> has
> also been writing about a group order. I have not been paying careful
> attention to this activity and don't know whether these are two orders or
> one.
> It's one order, Bonnie and I are splitting the administrative tasks. The
> current status is that we have just over 30 orders (next discount at 40).
> I
> think I should summarize also the kinds of orders we are getting:
> 1. DYS385(K) test -- as many of you know, Ken (and some others have been
> too) has been looking at the order of these to see what patterns emerge
> for
> various haplogroups and sub-clades. He is also looking at whether dual
> value
> (11,11 or 14,14 for example) is really two values or a single value, and
> this
> test helps with that [Sorry Ken if I am explaining this badly]. This
> fits
> into some research he is doing looking at haplotypes where 385, 464 and
> have
> these same repeats of one value -- or in the case of 464 two value
> repeats
> (11, 11, 14,14). I'm not sure I understand this aspect well, but as we
> all
> know Ken is looking for indicators of sub-clades and regional origin. So
> even
> if this test won't tell you much about your surname matches, it can be a
> contribution to the science.
> 2. DYS643 (only avbl from Biotix) This marker appears to have definite
> values for different haplogroups and perhaps sub-clades within them. For
> instance, in I I have three datapoints, all different I sub-clades and
> all
> differ
> on this marker. I have ONE R1b haplotype with a value of 11 and all
> others
> so
> far (and the numbers are still WAY too small to draw definite
> conclusions)
> are 10s. This haplotype is fairly unusual in some other ways (unusual
> alleles
> like 10 on DYS391 and 18 on DYS458, to name two). Again, this marker is
> a
> contribution to science even if you have nobody in your surname group to
> compare it to.
> 3. People with FTDNA results who want to "spot check" against DNAH
> customers who are ordering the markers FTDNA doesn't offer that DNAH [ &
> RG
> & SMGF]
> does.
> 4. People who ordered from DNAH, RG or are in SMGF who want to "spot
> check"
> on the markers DYS570, 576 & 607 which FTDNA offers and they do not.
> 5. People who are doing like Charles Kerchner and ordering from more than
> one lab -- either to compare the results or perhaps simply to have the
> diffferent values so they don't have to convert when entering them at SMGF
> and other
> databases. (I'm not sure why some of them are doing this)
> 6. People who simply want to have the most precise and fullest data on
> their DNA in case it becomes relevant for matches [for instance I have a
> group
> with 37/37 matches and over 300 years of documentation but no mutations to
> sort
> out the sub-lineages of the documented sons' lines, with others who match
> very closely but have no idea which son they descend from -- so we are
> desperately looking for mutations which "sort out" these lines] These are
> people who
> are going for 48/49/50 markers for their lines -- often a long long
> lineage
> with good documentation which is serving as the baseline for the relate
> lines
> who are still trying to figure out where they connect.
> 7. People for whom the Biotix "full set of panels" at a discount is a
> less
> expensive initial alternative (23 - 26 marker level) to figuring out who
> they
> relate to than the other providers (which it does at the 40% discount
> level). This will not give them strict comparability, and they may end up
> having
> to order from other providers to get that, but it is sufficient to
> determine
> which group of people with the same surname they fit into.
> 8. People who want to get high resolution mtDNA and for whom the Biotix
> package is less costly (50% discount level, with or without the 5% for 10+
> of the
> same surname)
> Categories 1-4 are the biggest part of the orders in both the batches I
> have
> done so far. the other categories are 1 or 2 orders only each.
> That being said, if you wish to join this batch, we are still accepting
> orders. So if you have been lurking undecided, there is only about a week
> to get
> your order in and arrangements made. Again, you can "pencil in" and
> specify
> a discount level. If we don't make that level, you will be rolled to the
> next batch.
> Anne W. Nelson
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