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From: Charles <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Charles is Jewish--not
Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 21:09:53 -0400
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You've lost it. I challenge you to prove that statement. I challenged
you 2 years ago to prove it when you said it back then with out any
proof and you admitted then you must have read my haplotype wrong. Your
in the same vein as those who tried to say I had a sanguine Chinese
grandmother when I got a 21% Asian result on my DNAPrint 2.0 test. I
suggest you think more before you speak. I know my genealogy much better
than you do having spent 30 years working on it. I have researched my
ancestry on various lines back into original German church records.
Overwhelmingly Lutheran and Reformed with some Moravians thrown in.
There is no hint of Jewish ancestry what so ever in family oral history,
church records, or customs. And beside Judaism is a religion not an
ethnic group. In my opinion the markers pre-date the establishment of
the Jewish religion and all religions as we know them. You really go
over board in seeing Jewish ancestry behind every genealogical tree and
your crypto-Jewish bent to every finding. As I said, you've lost it, imo.


> Dear Everyone,
> OK, Here I go into the firestorm of the List. My explanation of Charles'
> "unexpected" results are what I suggested to him about 2 years ago -- that he
> and a sizeable chunk of the Pennsylvania Duetch are of Jewish (and possibly
> Moorish) ancestry and that is why he is carrying a large minority portion of
> Semitic and Southern European DNA. I am currently going through several volumes
> of over 30,000 names of early Pennsylvania settlers from the Palatine and
> Alsace Lorraine regions. There are Hyams, Jacobs, Purys, Abrahams, Simons,
> Schnyders, Zimmermans, a clump of "Swiss'" who are actually French Huguenots ( a group
> known to include Moors and Sephards), my Wolffs (who have DNA tested E3b with
> Ashkenazi), my Nyes (who tested E3b with Ashknazi matches),
> others who tested J -- and NONE of whom declared themselves Jews upon
> arrival in Philadephia, for the simple reason that they would not have been allowed
> to enter the Colony!
> THIS is why Charles' ancestors were so conscientiously marrying within
> the group. There is no need to concoct a Syrian archer; there were no left-over
> Roman soldiers, there was no Paleolithic 'expansion' to account for this
> result. It is the simple -- and much more recent -- phenomenon of the Jewish
> Diaspora from Palestine, Spain, France, Alsace-Lorraine, Poland and many other
> European locales that created these DNA readings.
> I know I am frequently accused of over-focusing on this explanation, but
> others of you are just as adamantly engaged in deep denial of what is the
> simplest, most direct and most plausible explanation for these results. Beth

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