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Subject: Re: [DNA] Middle Eastern ancestral markers on new Euro 1.0 test
Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 19:59:19 +0000


I am inclined to agree that you are on the right track. I would do the same if I were in your shoes. Just as with the Island of Hvar off Croatia and the Casango people of Romania, and if I am correct many Scandinavians, it is possible that pockets of Huns were ensconced in the forests of Germany and have remained as relatively endogamous groups over the years. As you say, we will see. Tally ho and full speed ahead. Lets see what you find. Your perseverence is to be admired and you may yet be proven correct.

David F.

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> David,
> A person has been in touch with me who is being Q Y-DNA SNP tested at
> this time. We'll see how that turns out.
> I made my Huns and/or Scythian and/or Mongol connection to the PA
> Deutsch posit two+ years ago. I thought it a better posit to explain
> things than the one offered by some (not you) that I had a hidden
> sanguine Chinese grandmother. And their influences may not only have
> been by direct invasion of the Palatine area but also by gene flow along
> the major trade route of the Danube, Main, and Rhine River valleys. Even
> today there is a canal route through the mountains along that same
> route. So gene flow via millenniums of trade along that route is another
> explanation too.
> My project continues. I don't have enough data to prove anything yet. I
> will keep looking and testing more PA Deutsch, and hopefully more males.
> Because of the high cost of the up to four tests and using two separate
> labs it is hard to both find people with the necessary documented
> genealogy, the funds to pay for the tests, and the willingness to do the
> tests. Five years from now what all this data means will all be clear,
> imo. Regardless, the testing projects and test results logs I have
> started I think are a contribution to the knowledge base and a useful
> reference source for newbies and old timers to these test in this new
> field. So even if I'm wrong the process will yield some net positives,
> imo, the logs amongst them. So I hope you encourage me to continue my
> project and not discourage me. If in the end my posit is wrong I will be
> the first to admit it and you can say I told your so if you wish. I am a
> searcher of the truth and not trying to re-write history. Once I get 100
> people tested I will have a better idea if my original hypothesis is
> right or wrong.
> Charles

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