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From: (David Faux)
Subject: Re: [DNA] R1b, First Nations, and Pride in Being British
Date: Mon, 30 May 2005 18:24:35 +0000


I am not sure if your post was written tongue in cheek.

To be absolutely clear I do no ascribe to the view that any racial - ethnic or haplogroup is "better" or more "civilized" than any other.

My point is simply that in SoCal there are millions of Hispanics (largely Mexican) who are now the number one ethnic group in terms of numbers. Everywhere you see the Mexican flag, stickers on cars and T shirts saying, "Hecho en Mexico" (made in Mexico). This is accepted as a statement of Chicano pride and I have no trouble with it. What I would like to see then is a comparable outpouring of Anglo pride with the Union Jack and John Bull and other symbols British - but it would likely be seen as an anti - immigrant backlash. Odd that we are put in a position where if we express our pride in ancestry it is racist.

What I find fascinating is that the low rider (or Mercedes) beside me probably has a cluster of Hispanic guys whose haplotype is R1b and very similar or identical to my own at least at 12 markers. To me this brings us together despite the music blaring out our respective windows (I listen to "down home" Cape Breton fiddle music).

BTW in Canada the map of the countries in the British Commonwealth of Nations and former British Empire was colo(u)red red.

David F.

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> "At one time the map of the world was red." - No it was pink.
> Our failing memories of the actual colour on our school atlases of
> yonder years do not dim our pride of our British heritage.
> However we are a polyglot lot and should expect to see haplogroups from
> A to Z (when it is found) as well as R1b. Indeed we Anglo-Saxons who are
> I1a drove out many of the original R1b to Brittany, Ireland, Wales and
> the Highlands of Scotland. It is our Germanic dynamism that took us from
> the introversion of the dark ages to the colouring of the map of the
> World with the pink of civilisation and the Christian religion. My great
> grandfather took four months to get to Australia to spread the word - I
> jib at 20 hours on an aeroplane. David is right - we should be bursting
> with pride at our heritage.
> Malcolm Dodd in Portugal (left England as it is full of foreigners)

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