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From: Bonnie Schrack <>
Subject: RE: [DNA] Re: R1b, First Nations, and Pride in Being British
Date: Mon, 30 May 2005 17:45:36 -0400

Uh, Glen, I think you'd be making slightly more sense if you had read
the original postings more carefully, first of all mine, a little while
ago, which hardly can be accused of lacking in a healthy pride in my

> What could be better than to be Indigenous (or Aboriginal if you
> will)? Not to in any way suggest this to be a superior kind of
> lineage, but merely to suggest, as you do, that there is no good
> logical reason for this widespread fascination with outside invaders
> as sources of family lines. My hypothesis is that my mtDNA
> haplogroup I foremothers were indigenous Britons. Of course we don't
> yet know enough to be able to say that, but to me this is the default
> hypothesis -- any other theory will have to prove itself. *For my
> part I am very pleased to think that I had ancestors who were native
> to Britain, and very likely were among its earliest people.*

and then, you took this last part out of context:

>>jib at 20 hours on an aeroplane. David is right - we should be bursting
>> >with pride at our heritage.
>> >Malcolm Dodd in Portugal (left England as it is full of foreigners)
>> >
>> Good God!! I HOPE this is sarcasm, and not serious!!
>And WHY do you hope that this is sarcasm? Do you have some sort of racial
>problem with the idea that people of Northern European ancestry have the
>same right to acknowledge their ethnic heritage and to take pride in the
>accomplishments of their ancestors as do people of more Politically Correct
I seem to have hit a nerve there! But the part I was mainly referring
to was this,

> ... It is our Germanic dynamism that took us from
> the introversion of the dark ages to the colouring of the map of the
> World with the pink of civilisation and the Christian religion.

That just made my head spin. Yikes! I *hoped* Malcolm was indulging in
sarcasm there.

If you follow the Gods of the Folk as you say below -- and I hail the
Gods -- how can you applaud the effort of Christian missionaries to wipe
out the indigenous religions of the world in order to impose their
supposedly superior faith?

>I am of pure Northern European ancestry;
"Pure"? I think any study of human population genetics and evolutionary
history makes it clear how meaningless the concept of "purity" is.

> English and Irish, which means if
>you go further back, Teutonic and Scandinavian. (Just to be on topic, R1b
>and my two closest DNA matches in one database lookup were both in the
>Yorkshire area of England, where my name line is from.) No fashionable
>'minorities'. None. I'm stinkin' proud of my heritage, and I am true
>to that heritage and to my Folk and the Gods of my Folk. I do not think
>that there can exist any universal standard by which one can say that any
>heritage is 'better' than any other, but Northern European is best for ME,
>because it is what _I_ am.
Well, Glen, congratulations on coming out of the closet on this list as
to your belief system. You seem to be having a strong emotional
reaction to some perceived attack on your heritage. Sorry you feel that
way. I think everyone on this list is proud of their ancestors and
appreciates their heritage. You sound as though you're spoiling for a
fight with someone. This doesn't interest me, but I thought I should
clarify a few points.

Bonnie Schrack

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