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From: "Penny Ferguson" <>
Subject: [DNA] Autosomal Norms for Britain, Western Europe, Middle East
Date: Mon, 30 May 2005 22:13:18 -0400

Beth said:

"4. More directly to the point, the three Melungeons I am aware of who have had their Euro-print tests done match very closely with Charles -- e.g., less than 50% Western/Northern European, large minority percentages of Semitic, Mediterranean. The one British person whose scores I am aware of was over 90% Western/Northern European."

People who are proven descendants of the historically known Melungeons have tested (not the Euro-print), some with a very high percentage of Native American, sometimes up to 30 percent, the rest European. Some have lower NA, with some African, and European. Some of them have E3a haplogroup, some Q, some R1b and others. The families are different.
The Andrew Collins below is being indicted for Petit Larceny in this case I'm sending, but he was also indicted for illegal voting because he was considered a "free person of color." I'm sending this to show his FPC status. Several Melungeons were indicted for illegal voting because of their color and had a trial. They won, and proved who they were in the trial. The Hawkins County (Tennessee) Archive Project is going through these old records now, and this one I'm sending was found today. Hopefully we will find out what they claimed to be, if the old records of the trials are still there in the piles of records being sorted through. These men could not have claimed to be, to use the words of the time and place, white, negro or Indian, and I really doubt they said they were Jewish, that would have nothing to do with the color of their skin.

1846 State vs Ezekial Collins and Andrew Collins Petit Larceny:

"James Neil, Adam Neil and William Heard (Herd) contrary to the form of the statutes in such cases made and provided to the evil examples of all others in like cases offending and against the peace and dignity of the state And the jurors aforesaid, doth present that on the tenth day of April one thousand eight hundred and fourty six at to wit in the county aforesaid, the said Ezekial Collins and Andrew Collins *being free persons of color* with force and arms took 32 pounds weight of tobacco of the value of 10 cents per pound and of the joint value of 3 dollars and twenty cents to the damage of the said William Heard.

This was sent to the grand jury 26 Jan 1847. William Herd was the bondsman for Andrew Collins in the illegal voting charge.

No info available on the final outcome.

Penny Ferguson

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